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Save the abandoned Pet Monkeys

Pet monkeys are typically bred in captivity and are not equipped with the necessary skills to survive in the wild. They rely on humans for food, shelter, and social interaction, and releasing them into an unfamiliar environment can lead to extreme stress, malnutrition, and an inability to find food or protect themselves from predators.

Operation Second Chances”

Rehabilitation Building in the Forest: We would like to announce that WCPO will be expanding its goals. The goal is to build a safe haven for abused and abandoned primates. This is an important opportunity for growth. In the beginning of our NGO mission, we just rescued injured primates. Treating them and releasing them back to their original troops. However, there are a lot of abandoned baby pet monkeys in the Bayon Temple area. They are getting injured and dying at an alarming rate. So, for this reason our NGO needs to step in deeply to help rescue and rehabilitate them. The only way to stop the abuse and give the primates a second chance at a better quality of life. To be living free under good conditions. Is to support Wildlife Conservation and Prevention Organization (WCPO) project.

Releasing primates, a pet monkeys is abuse sentence without the proper supervision and care they will be really hard to survive. That is why this project is so important. We will need materials and supplies. Such as aluminum, cement, sand, wood, nails, and fencing. Since we are a non-profit organization we operate on donations. In most countries you can be compensated for donations. Only we can reach our goals so the rehabilitation center can be built. WCPO will set as public all the amount of all donations made to this project in our donation box. So, please make sure you follow us there We cannot express or stress enough how valuable and worthy this campaign is for the Cambodian Primates. Therefore, we are reaching out to all the monkey lovers and asking for your help.


Please help us give the primates a “Rehabilitation center!” Let us end their suffering today! And give them the Sanctuary they so desperately deserve. We would also like to thank everyone who already donates and supports us. Big thank you! Thanks for trusting in us!

Please if you would like to donate to support “Rehabilitation center!” Project Please follow the link below and make your donation today.


WCPO Management 

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