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Save the abandoned Pet Monkeys

Pet monkeys are typically bred in captivity and are not equipped with the necessary skills to survive in the wild. They rely on humans for food, shelter, and social interaction, and releasing them into an unfamiliar environment can lead to extreme stress, malnutrition, and an inability to find food or protect themselves from predators.

Operation For Second Changes

Wildlife rehabilitation is the treatment and care of injured, or sick wild animals so, they can be released into the wild. Wildlife Conservation and Prevention Organization (WCPO) is here to provide hope and immediate care for those animals that are suffering. Lately our Organization has received an influx of injured monkeys and most of them that come to us are in critical condition. Whenever possible, we return them back to the wild. Recently there have been many abandoned pet monkeys released at Bayon temple. They have no skills to survive in the wild or with any group. Many of them get attacked by dogs or big males of nearby neighboring troops, resulting in severe injuries and death.

Our Organization is cooperating with the wildlife expert’s authorities and the Forest Community to take action immediately to collect the new abandoned baby monkeys and train them to live in their expected environment. To give them a second chance at survival. Please be informed that we have cooperated with the authorities. At WCPO we have rehabilitated and trained several of the abandoned pet monkeys and released them into our community forest. most of them that have no names are all enjoying their second chance. Now they are living a content life in the heart of their natural habitat.

Please help us with our mission to stop the pet monkeys from being abandoned at Bayon temple. Join us in or mission to give them a second chance to live free. A life without injury or interference. It is better than them coming to our rescue center injured, broken, or dying. The Project of Rehabilitating of pet monkey is a huge task that will require a lot of resources. We need help to give these monkeys the second chance they deserve.

Thank you so much for your support.


WCPO Management

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