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The WCPO helped expose Born Free SA and their CEO, Ian Oberem, as complete frauds and charlatans. Born Free SA has lost all credibility with many animal advocates, and it appears they are now lashing out with baseless allegations against the WCPO and its director. They claim anecdotal information from comments on social media as support for their false claims.


In conclusion, Born Free SA and Ian Oberem are not trustworthy. Their motives are unclear and may simply be to profit from the popularity of Cambodian macaque monkeys. Ian Oberem's involvement in the monkey community appears to be primarily for monkeys to be fed in his private sanctuary for his pharmaceutical industry, self-promotion, book sales, and personal financial gain through collection of donations.


The monkeys in Cambodia have been exploited by so many people. It is sad that a man who calls himself the monkey protector appears to be another person who is exploiting the monkeys. We the WCPO strongly condemn Ian Oberem, the Director of Born Free SA and his actions because he is playing dirty games over Cambodian monkeys for his own financial benefit.

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