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Ian Oberem is the CEO of IHT Angi-Holdings, which has many other businesses under its umbrella, including the pharmaceutical industry. In his free time, he writes books by watching and researching YouTube videos. He has written four books and put them up for sale on the Amazon platform. Unfortunately, none of his books have sold. While watching and researching YouTube videos, a video about Cambodia's monkeys popped up on his screen. Intrigued by the popularity of the Cambodian monkeys, Ian Oberem immersed himself in the Cambodia Monkey Community.

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After watching videos of monkeys being mistreated, Ian wrote letters to both His Majesty the King of Cambodia                              and the Cambodian Ministry of Environment.                                       We initially believed that Ian Oberem was a high-ranking official from the government of South Africa and were surprised to learn that he is actually the CEO of a company and not affiliated with the government. His disrespectful and unprofessional letters have not been acknowledged, and there have been no official discussions or agreements regarding the relocation of the monkeys from Cambodia to South Africa.

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After receiving no interest in his initial intention, Ian found a new approach to try to relocate monkeys from Cambodia to South Africa by contacting the WCPO. He expressed his interest in the welfare of macaque monkeys in Cambodia. Ian was very pleased to learn that the WCPO had rescued a baby monkey named Leo from an abusive situation. He urged the WCPO to rescue three more monkeys, that is Libby, Baby Jovi and Joyce. He acted as if he had these three monkeys in his possession and seemed confident that he could relocate them from the WCPO to South Africa.

Libby, Joyce and Jovi.jpg

After the WCPO discovered his true intentions, they blocked and ceased contact with him as they were not authorized to engage with him. Ian acted like a common street gangster, and his disrespectful and unprofessional letters deeply disappointed him. Ian Oberem has made several statements to damage the reputation of the WCPO, which has not made him happy. And He has continued made another statement accusing the government of Cambodia of being corrupt after the US court found Mr. Kry Machphal not guilty. What does Ian mean by that? Does he think that the government of Cambodia is interfering with the United States' justice system? His baseless allegations are spreading hatred and discrimination against Cambodian government and its people is unforgivable.

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Despite the absence of official engagement or approval for the relocation of monkeys from Cambodia to South Africa, a new organization named Born Free SA was established. The organization is small, with staff consisting of Ian, his wife, his two sons, and two other men from South Africa. This small local NGO in South Africa has established a very similar name to the international organization Born Free USA.

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